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Aya Rechenburg

Aya Rechenburg

Therapist & Personal Trainer

Your Guide on the Path to Transformation

Supporting individuals on their journey towards healing, growth, and transformation is not only my profession but my heartfelt calling. The process of guiding individuals through this transformative journey keeps me anchored in the present moment, the very space where magic happens and real change becomes possible.

In our shared journey, we navigate the intricacies of your inner world, tailoring our work together to meet your specific needs and aspirations. My holistic approach, which combines elements of talk therapy, counseling, diverse coaching methodologies, and personal training, is dedicated to empowering you in every aspect of your life.

In my deeply-held belief, finding wholeness within ourselves allows us to experience what I like to call 'heaven on earth'. This integrated state of being where we fully embrace our peaks and valleys, and discover the profound power of being fully present, is what I hope to guide you towards.

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