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Through the co-creation process, we'll embark on a path of self-exploration and growth. I offer you my personal and professional experience as a supportive guide, yet you remain the captain, steering your own course.

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Is therapy right for me?
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Absolutely! Everyone can benefit from therapy at different points in their life.  Therapy is a powerful tool that can be helpful to everyone, regardless of your current situation or background. It offers a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours under the guidance of a professional.

So, whether you're feeling stuck, yearning for change, or simply wish to enhance your quality of life, therapy is a step in the right direction.

And remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It shows that you're ready to take control of your life and wellbeing.

How does online therapy compare to in-person therapy?
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Online therapy provides the same level of professional care and guidance as in-person therapy, with the added advantage of flexibility and convenience. You can attend sessions from the comfort of your home or wherever you feel most comfortable, saving travel time. The most important aspect is the therapeutic relationship and journey we co-create, which remains effective regardless of the medium.

What's the best way to prepare for a therapy session?
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It helps to enter each session with an open mind and readiness to explore. You might find it helpful to jot down any thoughts, feelings, or topics you'd like to discuss during the session. This is your space and time, so come as you are, without any need to present yourself in a certain way.

What can I expect during the first therapy session?
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The first session is about setting a foundation for our work together. We'll discuss your needs and what you hope to achieve from therapy. I'll explain my approach and how I can support you. This is also a time for you to ask questions and share any concerns you may have. Remember, you are the captain of your journey.

The first session lays the groundwork for our collaborative journey. This session, offered free for the first 20 minutes, is designed for us to get to know each other and establish a basis for our therapeutic relationship.

During this initial encounter, we'll explore your needs, hopes, and what you wish to achieve from therapy. I'll explain my  holistic approach to you and outline how I can support you. This time is also for you to ask any questions, share your concerns, or express your expectations.

Consider this session as the beginning of our voyage, where you are the captain steering your ship, and I'm here to help navigate the waters. Our shared goal is to ensure you feel safe, heard, and understood, setting a firm foundation for our journey ahead.

What to talk about in therapy?
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Therapy is your space to explore what's most relevant to your well-being. This can include your thoughts, feelings, relationships, challenges, and aspirations. Whether it's emotions you're struggling with, areas of your life you're dissatisfied with, or dreams you're aiming for, all are welcome in our sessions.

Is everything I share in therapy confidential?
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Yes, of course. Maintaining your confidentiality is a cornerstone of our therapeutic relationship. I am committed to creating a safe space where you can express your feelings and experiences without fear of judgment or exposure. The information you share during our therapy sessions is confidential, and I am legally bound to honour this.

What benefits can I expect from therapy?
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Therapy opens doors to numerous benefits that permeate various aspects of your life. Here's what you can expect:

  • Personal Growth
  • Enhanced Emotional Well-being
  • Better Relationships
  • Increased resilience and strengthened ability to handle life challenges and emotional responses
  • Managing stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Enhancing the quality of life and overall life satisfaction
  • Support in dealing with trauma, processing, and integrating past experiences
  • Development of self-understanding, self-awareness and self-knowledge
  • Streamlining strategies for problem-solving
  • Support in achieving personal and professional goals

These outcomes, however, depend on your active participation and the quality of the therapeutic relationship. Our first step in therapy is to build a strong, trusting alliance where you feel safe to express and explore your thoughts and feelings.

My therapeutic approach is characterized by unconditional acceptance of who you are and holistically considers all aspects of your being. It focuses on the development of consciousness and is integrative, drawing from various psychotherapeutic directions as well as Eastern spiritual traditions.

This gives us a wide range of options to respond to your current needs, allowing more effective work with emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of your personality. Additional benefits of this approach include:

  • Gradual calming of intrusive thoughts and negative thought processes
  • Significant reduction in the intensity of physical and emotional pain
  • Better overall health condition
  • Deeper connection with the body and emotions
  • Integration of body and mind - developing conscious connection between physical experience and mental processes
  • Deeper authenticity - true understanding and expression of oneself, regardless of others' opinions
  • More pronounced self-acceptance - gradually accepting all aspects of personality, including imperfections and limitations.
  • Stronger connection with the true self - strengthening the connection with one's true essence and values
  • More conscious decision-making and working with intention - developing the ability to make choices based on a deep understanding of oneself and the world around
  • Deeper synchronicity with the pulse of your essence and alignment inside out
How long does it usually take to see results from therapy?
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The timeline for therapy results varies greatly from person to person, depending on factors such as the nature of the concerns, personal commitment to the process, and frequency of sessions. Some individuals may see changes within a few sessions, while for others it might take longer. Rest assured, each step on this journey contributes to your  well-being and personal growth.