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Aya Rechenburg - English-speaking therapist in Prague
About me

Guide on the Path to Your Integration

I believe that each of us has the ability to find within ourselves the resources for healing and growth. My task is to offer you a map leading to these resources while providing you with a safe space to explore your inner landscape and support you on this adventurous journey. This represents not only a professional challenge for me but also reflects my life mission.

I am, in essence, a guide. I assist you in uncovering inner strength, connecting with inner wisdom, and setting a life direction that leads to authentic and conscious existence. The role of therapist-guide teaches me to be increasingly present, open, and sensitive to the unique stories of each of you. The driving force of my work is the significant and meaningful changes that I witness through our collaboration🙏

My work is a combination of knowledge, experience, self-awareness, and continuous learning. Every experience, every encounter is an opportunity for me to learn, reflect, and grow. Life is full of layers that, when uncovered, can unlock deeper understanding of our own essence and the world around us.

My approach is based on the principle of unconditional positive regard, empathy, and authenticity. I focus on strengthening a conscious approach to life, anchoring you in the present moment, supporting you in discovering and accepting your true self. Gradual self-acceptance with all its imperfections and awareness of unconscious aspects of personality are crucial for achieving inner harmony and accelerating personal growth.

I believe that true healing and fullness of life lie in the integration of all aspects of our being. And that the transcendences and chasms of our existence are not obstacles but bridges to this integration, to harmony, to wholeness. This process is not always easy, but it is a journey worth taking. It is a journey where we learn to embrace our unique qualities and experiences, as well as shadows that we may have previously rejected. Through this acceptance, we open doors to healing and to genuine, meaningful, and lasting transformation.

Finding inner wholeness allows us to experience life in its quality, in harmony and inner bliss, that is, to experience 'heaven on earth'. I am here to support you on this journey, a journey I walk myself, where every moment opens doors to new endless possibilities.