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Prepaid 4-session package: Access a special rate for the month.

The first 20 minutes are free for new clients. Book a free introduction session here.



/60 min session

Nurture and cultivate your integrity

Release baggage, ignite growth

Evolve beyond old patterns

Experience life from a place of purpose, joy, and fulfilment

Unlock limitless potential and holistic change for life-long well-being

Open up to new possibilities

Personal Training


/55 min session

Achieve maximal strength with minimal effor

Redefine the way you move, redefine your limits

Elevate health by restoring your body's natural posture

Break free from unhealthy body patterns

Regain control, strength, and health.



/1 training + 1 therapy  session

Integrative life mastery: Holistic therapy combined with personal training in Conscious movement

Experience your ultimate life upgrade

Step into a new level of physical and mental vitality

Transform and thrive with comprehensive care for the whole you