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December 16, 2023

The Key to Life's Biggest Questions? Unlocking Life's Secrets

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Aya Rechenburg
Therapist & Personal Trainer

The Present Moment

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

-Søren Kierkegaard

Each of us, at some point in their life, has felt an indefinable calling — an inner whisper that guides us toward our true purpose. Amid the bustling chaos of our daily routines, amid the to-dos and the stressors, we often forget the importance of living in the present moment. But there, in the quiet spaces between our obligations, is a persistent, gentle hum, hinting at the paths we're destined to walk.

Understanding the Universal Connection

This whisper, while often easy to overlook, holds profound significance. It signifies the consciousness at play, a resonance between the collective consciousness and our individual souls. For those attuned to it, it’s like a harmonious dance of cosmic energies right within the confines of their heart and mind. A state of concentrated, judgement-free awareness of the present moment.

You might be wondering: What does being present in the moment mean? Reflect upon it. There have undoubtedly been moments when every fiber of your being has resonated with a decision, a path, or even an idea, signaling that you're on the right track. A state where you realize deeply that the present moment is all you have.

  • The Birth of Your Child: Remember the overwhelming surge of emotion, the tears in your eyes, the inexplicable connection you felt when you held your child for the first time? That moment of pure presence, where the world seemed to fade away, and all that mattered was the tiny life in your hands.
  • Surviving a Near-Death Experience: Whether it was a car accident, a close brush during an adventurous escapade, or a health scare - those fleeting moments where life hung by a thread made you appreciate the fragility and impermanence of existence. And in that realization, the present became paramount.
  • Witnessing a Natural Phenomenon: The awe of seeing a total solar eclipse, the grandeur of a thunderstorm at sea, or the tranquility of snowfall at dawn. Such moments tether us to the immense beauty of the universe and ground us in the present.
  • Deep Connection with a Stranger: Those rare moments where a simple conversation with someone you've just met transcends the mundane. A moment where time seems to stop, and you feel a deep human connection, reminding you of the shared essence that binds us all.
  • Feeling Oneness with Nature: Ever found yourself on a quiet mountain peak, or beside a gentle flowing stream, and felt an indescribable connection to the world around you? The chirping of the birds, the rustle of the leaves, and the rhythm of your own heartbeat merging in harmony. In that moment, the boundary between self and nature blurs, and you feel an expansive sense of unity with the universe. Every breath you take seems intertwined with the ebb and flow of life around you, making you truly aware of the sacredness of the present moment.

These are but glimpses of what it means to be truly present. Moments where external stimuli, past regrets, and future anxieties fade into the background, and you're left with the pure, unadulterated experience of now. It's in these instances that you truly grasp the meaning of living in the present moment and the profound depth it adds to life.

Your Inner Compass: Awareness in Action

The truth embedded in this resonance is beyond mere feelings or emotions. It's an innate compass, a heightened self-awareness that we all possess. This compass doesn’t just point north; it points toward choices that align with our very essence. It's about present moment awareness and connection with what is happening right now.

It speaks to us, highlighting when a choice feels aligned and when it veers off the path of authenticity. By acknowledging and embracing this inner compass, we arm ourselves with the capability to make choices that not only echo our soul's desires but also bring genuine fulfilment.

Stillness & Overcoming Self-imposed Limitations

In the quest for understanding and alignment, stillness plays a pivotal role. Yet, despite the power of stillness, many of us frequently find ourselves postponing critical decisions. We say, "Maybe tomorrow", "When the time is right", or even, "When I can find stillness in this crazy world." But when is that moment really going to arrive?

Why do we hesitate to follow our soul's rhythm? Why the reluctance to heed the whisper? Perhaps, it's due to our perceptions, our fears, or the comfort of the known.

Seizing the Moment

Here's a revelation: The 'right' moment is a myth. If we keep waiting for the stars to align perfectly, we might just end up waiting in perpetuity. To truly unlock your life's secrets, you don't need a master key.

The truth is, every moment is ripe with possibilities. Every breath we take is a chance to tune into our inner wisdom. All that’s required is stillness & awareness of what is without judging it an instance of introspection, and the courage to trust the journey. In this trust, you'll uncover insights, healing, and perhaps, come a step closer to understanding the purpose of your existence.

The Art of Stillness: Daily Practices to Connect with Your Inner Self

To truly embrace present moment awareness, we need to practice stillness, to connect with that place of inner quiet. The ability to stabilize the body both in movement and when maintaining stillness is a skill we can develop. And it's in this developed stillness that we find our most profound truths.

Throughout my journey, I've realized the immense value of simplicity. At times, amidst the cacophony of life, we forget the power of the present moment, the gift of consciousness, and the profound potential that resides within stillness. To help anchor myself to these truths, I incorporate a set of daily practices that center me, fostering a deeper connection with my inner being.

I'd like to share them with you:

Practical Tools to Re-connect with Your Wisdom

  1. Feeling the Inner Body: Every day, I take a few moments to direct my attention inward. By focusing on my hands and feet, I delve into the sensations within. This practice offers an immediate, grounding experience that not only feels invigorating but also serves as a reminder that thinking and feeling the inner body are mutually exclusive.
  2. Breathing: Begin by taking a few deep breaths. Focus solely on the sensation of the air entering and leaving your nostrils. This practice of present moment awareness can be a grounding technique, pulling you back from the distractions of the external world. Sometimes one breath is enough to re-connect.
  3. Embrace Stillness in Waiting: Life offers countless moments of waiting - be it while brewing a cup of tea, awaiting a response, or being stuck in traffic. Instead of viewing these as mundane delays, I harness these moments for practice. With every inhale and exhale, I'm reminded of the beauty of the present, transforming seemingly trivial waits into opportunities to deepen (or widen?) my consciousness.
  4. Nature's Lessons on Stillness: Nature has an innate ability to heal, ground, and connect us to the larger cosmos. A short walk amidst greenery or by the sea can be a profound experience of reconnection. Living in a city with no park around? Don't worry, there is always a piece of sky to connect with.
  5. Embracing the Present Moment: It's a practice I revisit constantly: anchoring myself to the now. What am I feeling in this moment? What am I experiencing? This continual check-in keeps me aligned, ensuring I'm fully immersed in the ongoing symphony of life.
  6. Consciousness Checks: Throughout the day, I set alarms or reminders to pause for a minute. It's a brief moment to check in with myself, to recalibrate, and ensure I'm present in the moment, fully engaged in whatever I'm doing.

These practices, though simple, have been instrumental in my journey of self-discovery. And I believe, if practiced with intention, they can be transformative. Remember, it's not about how much time you dedicate, but the quality of presence you bring into these moments.

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